Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, June 13, 2016

Setubal - Week 16

This will be my last email as a set apart missionary... and I feel I have so much to say. I just want to start out by explaining one of the biggest miracles of my mission that happened this week. We have been teaching Simão and his baptism was marked for this Sunday. Because of some complications it had to be moved to Saturday. We had talked about how he needed his mom to sign the baptismal ficha because he was under 18 and he assured us there would be no problems because he had already talked to his mom. We had an appointment with him on Friday to review the baptismal questions before his interview, so we went there with Tiago to teach him. When we got there he came down and let us in and said that there was a problem that his mom refused to sign the ficha. We all just stood in silence and then I said "well lets go talk to your mom." Simão and Tiago went up in the elevator and sister and I took the stairs and we said a prayer before we went up just praying to know what to say that his mom´s heart would be open. We got up there and his mom was inside the house and he was telling her that we would like to talk to her and we could hear her saying that she had already made her decision. I felt like we could´nt just stand there and do nothing and so I poked my head in the door and said "excuse me... we just want to explain." And she came to the door. She wasn't too happy because we were there kind of early and explained that she didn't want to sign something that her son could wait until he was 18 to choose for himself and how he wasn't prepared and needed more time. All the time my heart was beating so fast and I was just praying and praying that we would know what to say. We must have talked for over 20 minutes. Simão had´nt said much or actually told his mom why he wanted to be baptized. We asked him to tell her and he said "because I prayed about this... and this is my choice." I just told her "please, let your son truly make his own decision. I know that your family will be blessed and I know that the kind of person your son has the potential to be." She just said "excuse me" and walked into the kitchen to get a pen. Simão was crying as were all of us. Having just witnessed the spirit working with people. Before she signed it, Tiago asked if he could share an experience. Tiago was also baptized when he was 16... just like Simão and his dad said that he would never talk to him again if he decided to serve a mission. But he said... "that´s ok. Because I have my mom, and she will always stand by me just like you will for Simão." Now we were all really crying. Simão turned and hugged his mom... and as they took the elevator down and we took the stairs I just felt so gateful and the tears were flowing. Simão is so ready... and this will be an experience that will help him when things are tough. I felt so grateful that the spirit was able to touch the heart of his mom and that he was able to take the first step. We got down to the bottom of the stairs and he told us that his mom had asked him the baptismal questions that were on the back of the ficha to test him, and he said that he didn't tell her this, but he should have. His friend Alex invited him to church and even before this he could see how his friend was different and how his friend´s older brother had gotten home from his mission and he saw the person he had become and he said "THAT is the kind of person I want to be. That is the kind of testimony I want to have." Simao was baptized on Saturday and was baptized by the friend that showed him all of this. When he came up out of the water they stood there hugging each other thanking his friend for all that he did for him. He bore his testimony at the end of the baptism and shared a scripture from Ether that we had left for him that talked about choosing to believe... and then he said "I am choosing all of this." Man.... he will be an incredible member and a incredible missionary. He recieved the Holy Ghost yesterday in church. This is why I am here. This is why we as members need to be missionarys. We can not keep this treasure that we have to ourselves. I am so so gratrful for this time that I have had to serve. The Lord truly does work miracles everyday. I know that this is the true church. I love my mission and I am excited to continue this work! I love these people here. Truly "nothing can stop the work from progressing."
I love you all!
Com amor,
Sister Jarnagin 


My Beloved Portugal

The best district in the world

Early morning exercises on the beach

Simão and Alexandre

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Setubal - Week 15

This week was really good!
Simão is doing really good! He has some doubts about being baptized so quickly but is prepaing and completely ready to be baptized. We had a good lesson with him about what it means to "be prepared" for baptism.

We are also teaching a man named Eduardo who is hilarious (picture included). Everytime we say something about the gosple that he aggrees with he says "AMEN! HALLEUJA!" It´s like if it were out of a movie! He has to stop drinking coffee before he can get baptized and he is so determined. We are helping him to substitute the coffee for something good like lemon tea or hot chocolate. My companion told him "Eduardo, if you dont drink coffee for a week i will make you a special treat!" and Eduardo told her, "No,... Just a lemon tea please." :)

This next week our whole mission is doing what is going to be called "White Week". Which basically means that we do everything we possibly can to find the Lord´s elect for baptism. (white, baptism,... you get the picture). So Sister V and I have some good goals and we are ready to find these people! We have some fun creative activities to find new people as well. One of them being a lemonade stand and a blitz with our city where all the missionaries in Setúbal go to one of the areas and talk with EVERYONE. It will be way fun!

We had a lesson with the adventist family we are teaching and it went very well! We decided we had to try something different so there would be no bible bashing, and to address their questions on the book of mormon and Joseph Smith, so we decided to watch the restoration film and Elder Hollands testimony of the Book of Mormon. There was a sweet spirit in the room, and it´s going to take time, but their hearts are slowly opening to the Restored gospel.

This gospel truly does change people and the truth of the Book of Mormon can change lives. I have seen it so many times and every time my heart is filled with joy when i think of these people and what they are feeling.
I love ya´lls :)

Com muito amor,
Sister Jarnagin



The sisters put these under my pillow.... wow

A picture i took when we got lost trying to find our dinner appointment

And a picture from the top window of our apartment building

Setubal - Week 14

Well this week was good... I feel a little bit weird right now and tired because I just got back from death meeting (the meeting you have to go to before the end of your mission). Lets just say... it was no party.

This week was filled with funny things! For instance my comp saying "Look! It´s an EGGle!" haha she makes everything better 😂
But this week was also filled with miracles! So there is this kid, Simão, that we are teaching and he went to see Elder Bednar´s conference last Sunday with his friend. SOOO.. now we are teaching him and let me just say that HE IS THE COOLEST KID EVER! At the conference of Elder Bednar a kid bore his testimony and this kid was also invited to church by the same friend that invited Simão and was baptized. When we met with him the first time he told us that he would be the "next one" to follow in the footsteps and join the mormon church. He reads the Book of Mormon every day and when we followed up about his prayer that he did he just said "I feel these things are true!" with a big smile. It was a blessing that Elder Bednar spoke about the basics of the church and the restoration. Simão said that he brought 2 questions to the meeting and the first was answered when Elder Bednar explained about the name of our church. He is wonderful!

I also gave my "dying" testimony in our zone conference. It was sad... and lets just say that President Tavares went to shake my hand and plugged his noes and said it smelled like death. I hope you got that haha (because im dying). Anyways... life is good here. So are the pasteis de Nata. Be jealous. 😏
Com amor,
Sister Jarnagin

Monday, May 23, 2016

Setubal - Week 13

This week was truly wonderful!

Elder Bednar came this week and man... all I can say is I'm blown away. The spirit was incredibly strong and it was more than just being in the presence of an apostle. He did a question and answer and I really feel that I recieved some personal revelation for our investigators and for me :) His sweet wife also spoke and a question was asked about prayer and Elder Bednar gets up and says "if you ever want to make sure a prayer gets to Heaven, just ask my wife." It was adorable and she has such a sweet spirit. Her words touched all of us. At the end, he bore his testimony, and it was as if the pressure just dropped in the room. Everyone was dead silent. The spirit was overwhelming and I know that this is the true church and that we have living prophets and apostles. It was the coolest experience. And it's a blessing to work along with these inspired men to share the gospel. 

 We also had the opportunity to hear from the Bednars yesterday when they spoke to our stake. Elder Bednar focused on the simple truths of the restoration and spoke directly to all of the people who are not members of the church. Even though there was a lot of noise from the children, the spirit was so strong. He talked a little bit about facing trials. He specifically addressed them that they are aware the economy is bad here in Portugal and that it is hard to have a family and find work, but he taught a much needed lesson about not waiting to change our circumstances. That praying to God for help and hoping that he will bless us without us doing anything or that we give up too early. "Do not sit back and wait for God to do what you can do for yourself." As we face difficulties we often turn in (The natural man is an enemy to God), but as we face difficulties, instead of turning in saying "why me? I have done everything I can!", we should turn outward. Helping others and seeing the bigger picture. The auditorium was filled with the spirit at this part. Something that all of these people have felt and an apostle of the Lord telling them that they were aware and that Heavenly Father is truly aware. 

Trio of Power strikes again this week! We taught the family that are adventists and Tiago came with us. We decided to focus a lot on testifying on the simple doctrines and the lesson was so powerful. We can truly see these people starting to open their hearts a little more. It will be slow, but The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is an "only" message. And it is the message that links everything together. 

I love Setúbal! My whole mission I have heard that Setúbal is dirty, that there is nothing there, and it's just an area to pass through. But honestly, the people I have met and the spirit I have felt here just leaves me feeling grateful. I love these people. I love these members, the area, the people we are teaching. God has truly blessed me to be able to serve here. I have seen lives change here... and it has truly been a blessing. 

Com amor, 

Sister Jarnagin 


Cristo Rei 

Me, my daughter (Sister de Souza), and my granddaughter (Sister Wanamaker) 

Me and steggy

Rodrigo :) he is wearing his little white shirt to church every sunday now :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Setubal - Week 12

HELLLOOOOO from the land of Bacalhau!

This week was intresting... a marrige proposal to my companion from this guy in the picture... and then he prayed to God in the moon after we gave him the Book of Mormon.

This week all of our recent converts came to church and it was a very happy day 😀. We had a lesson with one of our investigators this week and we took Rodrigo with us and asked him to bear his testimony and he did a great job and told them that they should pray like Joseph Smith to know if what we were teaching was true... and then went on to talk about specific dates when he died haha I  laughed.

We also made homemade sushi... you could say we are pros (blue hashi right in our own home).

Elder Bednar comes this week and we are all super excited! I hope you all have a wonderful week!
-Sister Jarnagin 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Setubal- Week 11

This week was wonderful being able to talk to my beloved mother and crazy family. Good to know that they are still crazy as ever haha :)

This week was the week of bipolar weather, and I think the one day where it has rained harder than it has my whole mission. Basically... my coat still isn't dry and it's been 4 days. I also ate a blood sausage this week... If you don't know what that is,  it is where they take an intestine, fill it with blood, let it dry and... then make a sausage out of it. And that went into my mouth... I am proud to say I acted normal in front of the member who fed it to us 😏

We are preparing to have a visit from Elder Bednar here in our mission and also in our Stake so we are busy finding less active, investigators, and anybody who wants to go because it is going to be wonderful! We have had some tough lessons this week. We are teaching a couple that are seventh day adventists and we have done alot of studying so that when we teach it doesn't turn into "who can quote the bible better" match. But I am just very very grateful for the simple truths of the restored gospel, and that I can have peace to know that this is the Lord´s church.

Our recent converts are all doing very good. Rodrigo is practicing to be a missionary and reading his scriptures everyday. Corina is happy that she is finally baptized.  Ana is working a lot but will be coming to Elder Bednar´s conference. They are all doing wonderful.
Sister Anaya left today to go home... and it was sad 😥 But we know she will move on to bigger and better things... 💍
I love you all :)
com amor,
Sister Jarnagin

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Setubal - Week 10

Olá amigos!!!!!

This last week we had a wonderful p-day on the beach of Troia, the island here in Setúbal. Oh and did I mention my legs look like tomatoes and members keep calling me Patrick, the star from SpongeBob.

This week we were able to do a lot of finding. The baptism of Corina´s grandaughters was supposed to be this next weekend but the parents didn't give permission. one day!!!

We found a lot of new investigators this week and we were dumped by alot of them too haha.  Oh well the chruch is true. I think the best part of this week was the testimony meeting in church, and watching Rodrigo be the only child to get up and bear his testimony. He was so nervous but his testimony was like a pro. We met with him later and we taught him about missionary work and he learned how to do some contacts. He is literally a pro and wanted to stay longer with us to do more "Practicas". He is so cute :) I hope you all have a fabulous week :)

com amor,

Sister Jarnagin 

-(our mothers day presents for our ward)