Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Miratejo - week 2

Well... I have learned that I can not tell when people are drunk and high, according to the 3 people who have been, who I have contacted in the street. That´s what I get for growing up in Idaho haha. The dead rats and grafitti definitely show that we are living in the ghetto. Legit!

This week has been wonderful! We had divisions and I saw my long lost friend, Sister Swain from the MTC. It was a good day! Happy 6 months to us today! Ahh it is already going too fast! You learn to enjoy every moment on the mission because you never know if you will have the same.

We had our last zone conference with President and Sister Fluckiger. They sang a duet for a special musical number and they had us all crying, and then it turned into bawling when they kissed. Our
queridos President and Sister Fluckiger. They are the best :)

We had 7 investigators in church this week! And 6 the week before! We are definitely seeing miracles! Otilinda has a baptismal date set for the 12 of July, and we had a miracle while teaching her this week. She has a daughter, Monica, and whenever we would come over she would just keep watching her cooking show or go into her room. But she started staying for the lessons and would turn off the TV. She had never read the verses we left in the Book of Mormon for her, but she started to say the closing prayer. We were persistent! We left another chapter
for her to read, and when we came back for our next appointment she excitedly told us that she had read! There was literally light on her face and her whole attitude was changed toward us. We asked her if she wanted to come to Stake Conference with us on saturday and she, and her mom and little sister all came with us and they were able to meet
President and Sister Fluckiger. She Loved the talk that sister Fluckiger gave on families.

The gospel definitely changes people. I have learned that persistance, patience, and love will change a person's heart.

com amor,
Sister Jarnagin

Monday, June 15, 2015

Miratejo - Week 1

Woah woah woah... so now I live in the ghetto out here. Graffiti, dog poop all over every inch of the sidewalks, and a sewage smelling area. It´s pretty great. Miratejo Swag!!!

But seriously this area, companion, and everything is amazing. The people in the south are a lot nicer and open to our message. It is definitely not as beautiful as the North was, but it is still wonderful.

We serve in a pretty big area, it used to have elders too but now it is just a sister area so there are some parts that we havent even been to because it is so big! We serve in a ward, and all the members are super wonderful! We even got fed home made pizza from one of the members! Closest thing I've eaten so far to American food!

This week we had a training in our zone meeting about teaching with the spirit. We used a lot of the pictures in the phamplets and we practiced teaching and inviting the spirit into the lesson. We had a lesson with a family in our area that night so we decided to apply it. I think that is the most powerful I have ever felt the spirit in a lesson and that in synch with my companion. The spirit was present and it was shown when the family accepted the invitation to be baptized! I know that was inspiration recieved for our zone meeting. We then applied the practice to all of our lessons this past week. The fruits of the spirit were shown by 2 more of our investigators setting a date for baptism. How marvelous is this?!
Com amor,
Sister Jarnagin

Friday, June 12, 2015

Vila Real - week 12 (and transfers)

This week we held our weekly family home evening in our capel and we
walked away feeling so happy! We had our less actives come, one of which felt like he couldn't even come inside the chapel, our investigator, and recent convert! Seeing them with the members and all having so much fun was definitely a wonderful feeling! 

 This week we made a promise with the Lord, and part of that promise was evaluating who we were teaching and if they were progressing. It was definitely a hard thing to do, but we found so many new people that we were able to contact, and I know the Lord blessed us because we put our trust in him.
We traveled to Lisbon for my residency card this week and met up with some of the other sisters! So fun so see them all! Sorry for the not so great pic of us all. Lisbon is Beautiful!

Transfers are today! I was transferred for the South in Lisbon, so I will stay in the Lisbon Mission when the mission splits this month. I am in Miratejo which is close to the ocean. Sister McCall is my new colega and she is from Kentucky. First americano colega here! :)  (Pics of her next week)

I am so stoked to be here, and the work of the Lord is the best Work!
Com amor, Sister Jarnagin
Oh... I found sister Hillam my cute mtc comp! Different missions now :(

Sister Jumua wears this in Mozambiqu!


Monday, June 1, 2015

Vila Real - week 11

This week we have had many miracles!
We were able to finally get to the home of Helena and George, our Ukrainian family that comes to church every sunday. When I saw where they lived I was immediately humbled. There are 7 people living in a little one room house. We were able to get permission from our zone leaders to print off the lessons in Ukrainian for them and they were so excited that they were finally going to be able to understand!

We met with our investigator David a lot this week to help him quit his smoking habit. He even gave us his ciggaretts to put in the garbage. We weren't able to get a hold of him after that and were so worried. When we finally got a hold of him, he told us that he had smoked a lot, and we were dissapointed, but he still wants to keep trying! He said that he feels stronger to resist when he prays!

We have been seeing so much success in our branch! The talks of the members are more sincere and we are having more attendance! We have found many less active members and they are coming back. I know that as the strength of the branch grows that the missionary work will progress more rapidly!

On sunday in sacrement one of our members, Otilia, got up to say the closing prayer, but before she had to give one of the members beijinhos (kisses) and after she walked up to the pulpit, but instead of standing to say the prayer she knelt down on the floor next to the pulpit. Oh my goodness it was so funny haha. 

Sister Jumua is basically an African princess of braiding hair.

My português is getting better! I can now carry on a conversation and street contact alone! WHOO! :) a little bit of excitement there!

This week Vila Real is getting ready to have a street fair and so there are lots of fair rides, gelado shops, and farturas. Basically, a fartura will make you fat. They are from Lisbon and it is basically like a better version of a churro.

Missionary life is great and I love sharing the word of the Lord with others!
com amor,
Sister Jarnagin