Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Miratejo - week 2

Well... I have learned that I can not tell when people are drunk and high, according to the 3 people who have been, who I have contacted in the street. That´s what I get for growing up in Idaho haha. The dead rats and grafitti definitely show that we are living in the ghetto. Legit!

This week has been wonderful! We had divisions and I saw my long lost friend, Sister Swain from the MTC. It was a good day! Happy 6 months to us today! Ahh it is already going too fast! You learn to enjoy every moment on the mission because you never know if you will have the same.

We had our last zone conference with President and Sister Fluckiger. They sang a duet for a special musical number and they had us all crying, and then it turned into bawling when they kissed. Our
queridos President and Sister Fluckiger. They are the best :)

We had 7 investigators in church this week! And 6 the week before! We are definitely seeing miracles! Otilinda has a baptismal date set for the 12 of July, and we had a miracle while teaching her this week. She has a daughter, Monica, and whenever we would come over she would just keep watching her cooking show or go into her room. But she started staying for the lessons and would turn off the TV. She had never read the verses we left in the Book of Mormon for her, but she started to say the closing prayer. We were persistent! We left another chapter
for her to read, and when we came back for our next appointment she excitedly told us that she had read! There was literally light on her face and her whole attitude was changed toward us. We asked her if she wanted to come to Stake Conference with us on saturday and she, and her mom and little sister all came with us and they were able to meet
President and Sister Fluckiger. She Loved the talk that sister Fluckiger gave on families.

The gospel definitely changes people. I have learned that persistance, patience, and love will change a person's heart.

com amor,
Sister Jarnagin

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