Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, June 15, 2015

Miratejo - Week 1

Woah woah woah... so now I live in the ghetto out here. Graffiti, dog poop all over every inch of the sidewalks, and a sewage smelling area. It´s pretty great. Miratejo Swag!!!

But seriously this area, companion, and everything is amazing. The people in the south are a lot nicer and open to our message. It is definitely not as beautiful as the North was, but it is still wonderful.

We serve in a pretty big area, it used to have elders too but now it is just a sister area so there are some parts that we havent even been to because it is so big! We serve in a ward, and all the members are super wonderful! We even got fed home made pizza from one of the members! Closest thing I've eaten so far to American food!

This week we had a training in our zone meeting about teaching with the spirit. We used a lot of the pictures in the phamplets and we practiced teaching and inviting the spirit into the lesson. We had a lesson with a family in our area that night so we decided to apply it. I think that is the most powerful I have ever felt the spirit in a lesson and that in synch with my companion. The spirit was present and it was shown when the family accepted the invitation to be baptized! I know that was inspiration recieved for our zone meeting. We then applied the practice to all of our lessons this past week. The fruits of the spirit were shown by 2 more of our investigators setting a date for baptism. How marvelous is this?!
Com amor,
Sister Jarnagin

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