Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Barreiro - Week 14

Well this week was different!

My greenie went home because of health reasons. It was sad.... so I stayed in a tripla with the sister training leaders that live with us. We had a good time and it was fun to be in a tripla for a little bit. We did some crazy contacting. Basically, Sister Ventura and Sister McChesney are hilarious! Sister Ventura is from Utah and Sister McChesney from Georgia. We all love tacos... and so I make the tacos that Sister Fuertes taught me how to make.

We worked in both of our areas for Saturday and Sunday which was a lot of fun. Turns out I know how to get around their area pretty well too since I have been here for a while now haha. We were contacting on the street and I saw this man that was going inside the apartment building and I walked a little faster to contact him and he saw me and walked a little faster to enter. He beat me too it, so the door was already shut, but we still tried to contact him and we couldn't stop laughing because we were just trying to talk to this man through the window.

President called us and told me that I would be getting a new companion, Sister Mendes. We were in the same house for the last 2 transfers and it was so fun!! The Elders brought her to Barreiro this morning, so now she's here and we are rocking Baixa!

Our zone is doing a very cool thing that the zone leaders came up with. They sent us an invite email to become "Dragon Warriors". It´s based off of Kung Fu Panda, and each companionship has a character from the movie and the training we have to do. The want us to do a study of our area and pick 15 streets each person. The streets that match up from our dupla we go to and contact every single person and knock every single door. It´s different and we are having a lot of fun with it.

Also our Mission President is having us do a study about chapter 4 of Preach My Gospel. We are noticing a lot of changes already in our work. The whole study is about knowing and recognizing the Holy Spirit. I definitely have learned that the companionship of the Holy Spirit is something we should want more than anything else in our lives. It´s a special gift, and when we teach with the spirit, we have the power and authority to do miracles.

I'm so grateful that Portugal is getting a temple. It will bless the lives of so many people here. On Sunday in Relief Society we had a lesson on the blessings of the temple and it was a big excitement about the temple from all the sisters. They have been waiting a long time! Im grateful for temples and that we can make promises with our Heavenly Father.

Com Tanto Amor,
Sister Jarnagin
P.S. Shout out to my girl Brittany Wilde for getting her mission call to California, and also to my home girl Hannah Jarnagin for submitting her mission papers! So many blessings!!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Barreiro - Week 13

Ola e boa tarde gente!

So... its my birthday. And its been pretty great. Just want to send a shout out to my fam for making wonderful birthday videos for me, my grandma for sending me oatmeal and chilli (I love american things), to the Barreiro Elders for calling and singing happy birthday, to the Sisters for making me mickey mouse pancakes and for showing me prince of egypt. So far it's been a pretty great birthday! One of the members in our branch is having us over for dinner tonight so I am excited for that.

It is interesting to be training. I forgot how much we really don't know when we first come in. My "daughter" is Sister Sagers from Utah. She loves Doctor Who and is currently writing her own book. She also loves to draw. Man she has got some serious talent. She told me alot about Doctor Who and now... I want to watch it.

It was sad to see all the Sisters from our
house leave. It's different, but it's still a lot of fun. Sister Ventura and Sister McChesney are the Sister training leaders that live with us now. They are pretty dang cool!  Sister Sagers is already progressing a lot with the language. She was waiting for her visa in California like I did in Arizona, so it's good to share visa-waiter struggles ;). She is awesome! And all the members already love her.

We have been missionary and contact crazy talking to everyone and have found a couple families that we are hoping to teach. The work is going good!

President Tavares is having the mission do a study right now on chapter 4 of preach my gosple about the influence of the spirit in our work. I'm learning so much already. Our district leader calls every night to ask us kind of quiz questions on what we are reading. Life is good. Barreiro is still the bomb.com. :) I love it here!

Com muito amor,
Sister Jarnagin

p.s. They are doing the ground breaking for the temple here in December :) "Nothing can stop the work from progressing!" :) So so blessed.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Barreiro - Week 12

Well our good friend Bruno was confirmed a member of the church yesterday! When they sustained him a member of the church he was so excited. He stood up all cool and puts his hand way up in the air. Haha It was great :)
As for the short email, thats because of transfers which are today. I am the only one that is staying in the 4 sister house and I am training a greenie. Talk about nerves, but I am really excited :) I am pretty sure she will get here tomorrow. More details to follow since I dont know anything yet.
Love, Sister Jarnagin

Barriero - Week 11

Rain, Rain, Rain, And Batismo!
Yesterday, Bruno was baptized after we all watched conference and heard from the apostles that recieve revelation for our time. Bruno was so so nervous. But so prepared. We set a goal that he would stop smoking by Wednesday and he had. He is litterally so awesome! He has truly changed, not to mention that he sings metalica for us in English, but he doesnt know English so it is just mumbling, but it is so cool! He always calls to confirm our appointments and is always ontime. He never flaked on us. He came up out of the water and just hugged Kleidir (the member who baptized him). We could truly see the change in him. He said that after quitting smoking and started taking the lessons,  that he has been able to sleep better and he has felt so much more at peace. He is awesome.

We are continuing to teach the family that we found a couple weeks ago. The mom is going back to her home country for 3 weeks though and that is after the transfer, so iIam hoping I stay here and we are able to teach her. Her daughter was very straight forward with us when we taught her that she didnt want to be baptized, but we invited her to come watch Bruno´s baptism. She came, but the baptism part had already happened. We were all talking after and she asked if she could still think about being baptized. She then asked us if she could come to church to see how it is.

Winter has finally started here so that means endless rain, but the humidity and heat are still here. We got to watch the Saturday morning session of conference, and I also saw the childrens choir. I'm so grateful for the spirit that touches our hearts and helps us to want to change!
Love Sister Jarnagin

Pics: a member took us out for Sushi, and it was acutally pretty good! and Bruno :) I have started using boy deoderant... nothing works here. but now I smell manly. but I like it haha. For all that danger time ;)