Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Barriero - Week 11

Rain, Rain, Rain, And Batismo!
Yesterday, Bruno was baptized after we all watched conference and heard from the apostles that recieve revelation for our time. Bruno was so so nervous. But so prepared. We set a goal that he would stop smoking by Wednesday and he had. He is litterally so awesome! He has truly changed, not to mention that he sings metalica for us in English, but he doesnt know English so it is just mumbling, but it is so cool! He always calls to confirm our appointments and is always ontime. He never flaked on us. He came up out of the water and just hugged Kleidir (the member who baptized him). We could truly see the change in him. He said that after quitting smoking and started taking the lessons,  that he has been able to sleep better and he has felt so much more at peace. He is awesome.

We are continuing to teach the family that we found a couple weeks ago. The mom is going back to her home country for 3 weeks though and that is after the transfer, so iIam hoping I stay here and we are able to teach her. Her daughter was very straight forward with us when we taught her that she didnt want to be baptized, but we invited her to come watch Bruno´s baptism. She came, but the baptism part had already happened. We were all talking after and she asked if she could still think about being baptized. She then asked us if she could come to church to see how it is.

Winter has finally started here so that means endless rain, but the humidity and heat are still here. We got to watch the Saturday morning session of conference, and I also saw the childrens choir. I'm so grateful for the spirit that touches our hearts and helps us to want to change!
Love Sister Jarnagin

Pics: a member took us out for Sushi, and it was acutally pretty good! and Bruno :) I have started using boy deoderant... nothing works here. but now I smell manly. but I like it haha. For all that danger time ;)

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