Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, May 16, 2016

Setubal - Week 12

HELLLOOOOO from the land of Bacalhau!

This week was intresting... a marrige proposal to my companion from this guy in the picture... and then he prayed to God in the moon after we gave him the Book of Mormon.

This week all of our recent converts came to church and it was a very happy day 😀. We had a lesson with one of our investigators this week and we took Rodrigo with us and asked him to bear his testimony and he did a great job and told them that they should pray like Joseph Smith to know if what we were teaching was true... and then went on to talk about specific dates when he died haha I  laughed.

We also made homemade sushi... you could say we are pros (blue hashi right in our own home).

Elder Bednar comes this week and we are all super excited! I hope you all have a wonderful week!
-Sister Jarnagin 

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