Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, May 23, 2016

Setubal - Week 13

This week was truly wonderful!

Elder Bednar came this week and man... all I can say is I'm blown away. The spirit was incredibly strong and it was more than just being in the presence of an apostle. He did a question and answer and I really feel that I recieved some personal revelation for our investigators and for me :) His sweet wife also spoke and a question was asked about prayer and Elder Bednar gets up and says "if you ever want to make sure a prayer gets to Heaven, just ask my wife." It was adorable and she has such a sweet spirit. Her words touched all of us. At the end, he bore his testimony, and it was as if the pressure just dropped in the room. Everyone was dead silent. The spirit was overwhelming and I know that this is the true church and that we have living prophets and apostles. It was the coolest experience. And it's a blessing to work along with these inspired men to share the gospel. 

 We also had the opportunity to hear from the Bednars yesterday when they spoke to our stake. Elder Bednar focused on the simple truths of the restoration and spoke directly to all of the people who are not members of the church. Even though there was a lot of noise from the children, the spirit was so strong. He talked a little bit about facing trials. He specifically addressed them that they are aware the economy is bad here in Portugal and that it is hard to have a family and find work, but he taught a much needed lesson about not waiting to change our circumstances. That praying to God for help and hoping that he will bless us without us doing anything or that we give up too early. "Do not sit back and wait for God to do what you can do for yourself." As we face difficulties we often turn in (The natural man is an enemy to God), but as we face difficulties, instead of turning in saying "why me? I have done everything I can!", we should turn outward. Helping others and seeing the bigger picture. The auditorium was filled with the spirit at this part. Something that all of these people have felt and an apostle of the Lord telling them that they were aware and that Heavenly Father is truly aware. 

Trio of Power strikes again this week! We taught the family that are adventists and Tiago came with us. We decided to focus a lot on testifying on the simple doctrines and the lesson was so powerful. We can truly see these people starting to open their hearts a little more. It will be slow, but The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is an "only" message. And it is the message that links everything together. 

I love Setúbal! My whole mission I have heard that Setúbal is dirty, that there is nothing there, and it's just an area to pass through. But honestly, the people I have met and the spirit I have felt here just leaves me feeling grateful. I love these people. I love these members, the area, the people we are teaching. God has truly blessed me to be able to serve here. I have seen lives change here... and it has truly been a blessing. 

Com amor, 

Sister Jarnagin 


Cristo Rei 

Me, my daughter (Sister de Souza), and my granddaughter (Sister Wanamaker) 

Me and steggy

Rodrigo :) he is wearing his little white shirt to church every sunday now :)

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