Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Setubal - Week 14

Well this week was good... I feel a little bit weird right now and tired because I just got back from death meeting (the meeting you have to go to before the end of your mission). Lets just say... it was no party.

This week was filled with funny things! For instance my comp saying "Look! It´s an EGGle!" haha she makes everything better 😂
But this week was also filled with miracles! So there is this kid, Simão, that we are teaching and he went to see Elder Bednar´s conference last Sunday with his friend. SOOO.. now we are teaching him and let me just say that HE IS THE COOLEST KID EVER! At the conference of Elder Bednar a kid bore his testimony and this kid was also invited to church by the same friend that invited Simão and was baptized. When we met with him the first time he told us that he would be the "next one" to follow in the footsteps and join the mormon church. He reads the Book of Mormon every day and when we followed up about his prayer that he did he just said "I feel these things are true!" with a big smile. It was a blessing that Elder Bednar spoke about the basics of the church and the restoration. Simão said that he brought 2 questions to the meeting and the first was answered when Elder Bednar explained about the name of our church. He is wonderful!

I also gave my "dying" testimony in our zone conference. It was sad... and lets just say that President Tavares went to shake my hand and plugged his noes and said it smelled like death. I hope you got that haha (because im dying). Anyways... life is good here. So are the pasteis de Nata. Be jealous. 😏
Com amor,
Sister Jarnagin

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