Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Setubal - Week 15

This week was really good!
Simão is doing really good! He has some doubts about being baptized so quickly but is prepaing and completely ready to be baptized. We had a good lesson with him about what it means to "be prepared" for baptism.

We are also teaching a man named Eduardo who is hilarious (picture included). Everytime we say something about the gosple that he aggrees with he says "AMEN! HALLEUJA!" It´s like if it were out of a movie! He has to stop drinking coffee before he can get baptized and he is so determined. We are helping him to substitute the coffee for something good like lemon tea or hot chocolate. My companion told him "Eduardo, if you dont drink coffee for a week i will make you a special treat!" and Eduardo told her, "No,... Just a lemon tea please." :)

This next week our whole mission is doing what is going to be called "White Week". Which basically means that we do everything we possibly can to find the Lord´s elect for baptism. (white, baptism,... you get the picture). So Sister V and I have some good goals and we are ready to find these people! We have some fun creative activities to find new people as well. One of them being a lemonade stand and a blitz with our city where all the missionaries in Setúbal go to one of the areas and talk with EVERYONE. It will be way fun!

We had a lesson with the adventist family we are teaching and it went very well! We decided we had to try something different so there would be no bible bashing, and to address their questions on the book of mormon and Joseph Smith, so we decided to watch the restoration film and Elder Hollands testimony of the Book of Mormon. There was a sweet spirit in the room, and it´s going to take time, but their hearts are slowly opening to the Restored gospel.

This gospel truly does change people and the truth of the Book of Mormon can change lives. I have seen it so many times and every time my heart is filled with joy when i think of these people and what they are feeling.
I love ya´lls :)

Com muito amor,
Sister Jarnagin



The sisters put these under my pillow.... wow

A picture i took when we got lost trying to find our dinner appointment

And a picture from the top window of our apartment building

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