Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, March 28, 2016

Setubal -Week 6

This week was incredible! 

Ana didn't feel too prepared this week for baptism and had some things she had to resovle also before, but she is still on track and still has the desire! She is wonderful!

Rodrigo was baptized on Saturday and it was adorable. We went with him to deliver his invitations and were able to meet a lot of good people. He invited his best friend, Rodrigo, to come to the baptism. Double Rodrigos haha but he was so excited to show him around the chapel. A lot of his family came to the baptism and the primary did a special musical number for him. He asked us to make brigadeiros for him (brazilian treat) so we did and he was too excited showing his friend around to eat many haha. He recieved the gift of the holy ghost on Easter Sunday in sacrament meeting and was so happy and then after he gave his first talk about prophets in primary. He did such a good job and even shared his experience about praying to know if prophets were real. We went to his house last night and had a lesson with him and his mom and he taught his mom how to pray and did his talk for her. Then we asked him what his favorite scriptures were and he said "The articles of Faith!" and so he read them for his mom. He even prayed that she would come to church and helped his mom say the prayer at the end and she asked that Rodrigo would stay Firm in the church and in this path. I am so very grateful for the many blessings the gosple brings!!

I love you all

love, Sister Jarnagin 


Aldo, our investigator who was leaving to the USA

the baptism :)

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