Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Friday, March 25, 2016

Setubal -Week 5

This week was just so good!!! 

Ana came to church again this week! We hadn't been able to meet with her this week because she had to work a lot, but we were able to meet with her just this morning! We started talking and she said she tried to talk to her boss to have Sunday off so she could come to the other classes because she really likes it, but her boss wouldn't let her. So she applied for a different job where she has less hours, but she will be able to stay for longer on Sunday. She told us how good she felt after our first lesson 2 weeks ago, and has been reading the Book of Mormon. She even prayed with the people she works with and invited one of her colleagues to church. She is already a good missionary and isn't even a member yet! haha but we started talking about baptism and she said she knew it was something serious. That you don't get baptized and then just leave after a little while. So we were a little nervous when we extended the invitation because we were thinking she would say she wasn't fully prepared yet... And she did. So we talked about goals and when she could, and she accepted to be baptized in 2 weeks so she could let her work know. But then we just kept feeling like she was prepared and she told us that she had a day off this week on Thursday, so we invited her to be baptized on Thursday. She kind of just sat there thinking... and the silence went on and then she was just like "Pode ser pode ser!!!" which means "yes!" haha and she got really excited. So Ana is preparing to be baptized this week. I feel like we didn't do anything... she is just completely prepared. She told us, "So... I had been researching  your church on the internet and I saw that we couldn't drink tea, coffe, or alcohol, and I just wanted to know why we can't drink teas?" And so we explained and she committed to live the word of wisdom. She really is just so prepared and will be a big leader in the church! I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to teach her and she will be confirmed on Easter Sunday!

So the first Picture. This is Rodrigo... (the little boy). He is 10 and we found him while we were knocking doors and he started talking to us outside and he had already wanted to be baptized because he has family that are members. Rodrigo is going to be baptized on Saturday and he is super excited too! He came to our family home evening we had at the church and he was asked to give the opening prayer. He got really really nervous and walked up to the front and gave a wonderful prayer! He is very prepared too and asks very good questions for a 10 year old. His family is supporting him and they are all coming to the baptism too. The guy with him in the picture is Tiago, our ward mission leader who is basically Rodrigo´s best friend. Rodrigo seriously loves him. He is going to give his first talk in primary on Sunday the day he gets confirmed and Tiago is going to help him out. 

I continue to wonder at the greatness of our Heavenly Father. We have worked so hard this transfer and we weren't seeing very many results, but we kept going and kept working hard and we didn't give up in that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing. I am so grateful to be doing the best work on the planet!!!! I am so grateful to be able to remember this Easter Week and the ressurection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is true that he "descended below all things, in order that He might raise others above all things." I know he our Lord and I'm so grateful for his eternal sacrifice. 

I love you all

Love, Sister Jarnagin 


Sunday Selfie 

Easter package.... CADBURY ;)❤😄❤

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