Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, April 11, 2016

Setubal - Week 7

The week where I had 5 companions...

So that pretty much sums up my week. My companion, who was called as a member missionary, left so I was in a trio with the sisters I live with. Then they decided to have a sister whose companion had sugery be my companion for a few days, but she is leaving today and I am getting another companion and she is French which will be fun... crepessss 😉 ha ha

 Even though there was a lot of change this week, ANA WAS BAPTIZED 😄 She was able to take Sunday off of work so she could come to all of church and then be baptized after. It was pouring rain yesterday morning so we organized a ride for her with members that live on her street and they invited her to eat lunch with us after the baptism. She loved church and she was able to participate and share why she wanted to be baptized. The baptism was wonderful! She looked so beautiful in the dress and she told us when she came up out of the water she felt such a peace... and wanted to stay there a little longer. Lots of members stayed after church for the baptism even though it was a fast Sunday and we were all hungry. We did a special musical number for her and I played my Uke and we sisters sang :)

We had a family home evening with her, Aldo, and our members at the members house... and it was amazing. Aldo isn't a member and he wants to be baptized, but is wanting to put other things above it. Ana brought the spirit into the room so strong. She told him that when she was choosing to be baptized she just had to act, and that she knew that Heavenly Father would prepare the way for him. When we were leaving, I gave her a hug, and she started crying and thanked us for helping her find a new life. I am so very grateful for her... It is hard to express how I feel. I don't know if I believe that there is that one "someone" you are supposed to find on your mission, but I know that Ana changed my life. Heavenly Father´s plan is so perfect. 

Com Amor, 

Sister Jarnagin

Here are some pictures of:

-Ana and her baptism
- me and sister Silva (member missionary)
-me and sister Ribeiro, (the one that her companion had sugery). We are basically so much the same...  she is awesome!!!

-And the crew :)

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