Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, November 2, 2015

Barreiro - Week 15

Wow... ok well not much is new this week, but it was Halloween!

So our week started out with rain, rain, and more rain.  We left just after p-day and came back literally soaking wet.  Because of the humidity, clothes don't dry so fast so it took a while for our coats and clothes to dry completely. We put on so many layers to keep warm. It's a different kind of cold here... the humidity makes you feel it down in your bones. I feel like my feet are always icecycles in my rain boots. I am sure we look completely crazy walking around in the pounding rain, but hey, haha we find a lot of miracles! Rain and the cold are good motivators.

We walked so so much this last week. We have a lot of families we are teaching, but most of them aren't married. A lot of times they are fine with not being leagally married, so we have to teach the Law of Chasity very directly. One of the familes that we found we had a family night with, and we taught them how to play a card game which was really fun and they loved it! The daughter of the family is 15 and has the most interest in our message. The only problem is that she plays football and has games every Sunday. She is really sweet.

Halloween isn't the biggest thing here, but hey, Portugal is trying to be better at it. Our branch had a dance for Halloween and it was really fun! Below are pictures :) The four of us aquired some african clothing from a member and we all wore our dresses. We couldn't do much, but it turned out so fun! Sister Mendes was there to help us too ;) We also made some pumpkin bars from scratch. (oh the saudades of pumpkin in a can). And of course the members loved them. The primary did all the decorations and hung lights, pumpkins, cats and other things all over the room. I think the best part was watching the young men dance and do karoke.  Man... they seriously know how to dance here!

I have been in this area for a while now, and I realize what  a blessing it is to see people progress, but I also feel sad when I see the people we have been teaching for a while who know the church is true, but still don´t want to be a part of it or think that they can procrastinate. It breaks my heart, but I have come to love them. I have learned that we can't force people to choose. They have to choose for themselves, but we can bear testimony. We can keep the faith because one day they eventually will accept this gospel. I was reading in Moses this past week about how God cries for us when we are disobediant. How imperfect are we and we make so many mistakes, but yet the only person who is perfect, cries for us. And all because he loves us. We all have so long to go, but I'm grateful that we can grow and try our best to become perfect like our Father in heaven.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week and enjoy the snow if it does snow because I miss it!
Com amor,
Sister Jarnagin

PS Happy Halloween! :)
Love, the Sisters of Barreiro

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