Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, November 9, 2015

Barreiro - Week 16

So lots of things this week... and one from last week.

Last week we had a special activity where right after church all the missionaries went to the nearest cemetary. We were all fasting because of fast sunday so we went in the spirit of fasting and prayer. On this Sunday Portugal celebrates their dead and cleans and decorates the graves, so we took pictures of the temple, plan of salvation pamphlets, and family history pamphlets. It was a different kind of contacting, and we were just there to give love and support and help comfort. I am so grateful for the knowledge we have that our families can be together forever!

Right now we are working with a family and last night we had a very succesful lesson with them! The mom and the younger daughter have a hard time beliving that God exists, especially the Mom. She says if God exists, why do so many bad things happen and why is my son sick. Her son has epilepsy and she also has 3 other children. We are working so hard with them. Most of the time we start teaching and they have so many questions so we are always responding and always have to be prepared. Her 2 children haven't ever been baptized which is very rare here. We were explaining about baptism and the baptism of Christ and then she says "So how the Catholic church baptizes isn't correct!" We were like... you said it. She understands things so well. And her daughter says that she has doubts in God, but what we are teaching makes absolute sense! We asked the children if they wanted to be baptized and they both said yes. Right now we are teaching them and helping them to have a personal belief and not believe in us only. The daughter plays football every sunday so teaching and understanding the sabbath day is very important if they want to get baptized.

So the other story of the week. We had lunch with a member and were walking home and saw this adorable puppy with a collar and broken string for a leash just wandering around. We couldn't just leave her, being servants of the Lord, so we set off on our quest to find her owner. After a prayer, some meat roll for Clair (that's what we named her), and some asking around, we were able to find her owner. Yep. Doing good deeds for animals too :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! :)
Love, Sister Jarnagin 

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