Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, August 24, 2015

Barreiro - Week 5

This transfer is flying! This week has been slow because a lot of people are out of town because of holidays.

We were visiting a recent convert and in front of her apartment building were some hooligans smoking and listening to their rap, cat calling us and all. They kept saying "Oiiii! Take me to América baby!" "It´s really hot outside! Lets have a pool party!" haha and the whole time they were saying "Pool party" it just sounded like they were saying "Poo Party" because of the Portuguese to English accent. In the elevator on the way back down we decided to talk to them and invite them to our english classes. They were actually pretty cool. One of them even prayed with us and had a lot of respect. They didnt end up coming to english class... but we will try and find our new friends again.

We decided to knock a door in the same building as our investigator, and a member from Sister Swain's last area was there. We were able to talk with her mom who isn't a member. She was so accepting as we talked about prayer a little bit. It was amazing to see!
We also had a lesson with Elvida and Albetino. They are our new investigators who are very strong in their religion right now. We had a very powerful lesson where the spirit was clearly present about baptism and authority. I feel like I am getting better at recognizing the spirit in my life.

Our investigator Conseçao came to church again, and she was so happy. I lead the music for sacrement, and she was just smiling, and when we had the rest hymn she wanted to just stand up with everyone else even though she can hardly walk. She is the cutest and she is so excited for her baptism with her friend, Louisa, (the elders investigator who is around the same age) this weekend.

I love this work!
Love, Sister Jarnagin

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