Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, September 7, 2015

Barreiro - Week 6

This week we saw the Hand of the Lord in our work bastante!

Conceição was baptized yesterday. We had originally planned for the baptism to be on Saturday, but then some complicated things started happening. Her family didnt want her to be baptized, and so they came and stayed at her house with her all day. We were so discouraged and so was she. She just wanted to be baptized so bad. She realizes that because she is so old, she needs help with everything, and she said she didnt have enough strength to do what she wanted for herself because her family takes care of her. After some very careful and slightly sneaky planning on her part, she was able to be baptized. She was so so happy.

The sisters who lived with us also had a baptism, so they were able to do one big baptism. There were so many there to support them and Conceição was so happy. She had a fall last week so it was harder for her to walk. She looked so cute in her little white dress. Her friend Louisa was baptied Saturday when we were supposed to have the baptism.

We helped Conceiçao into the font and she was a little nervous. One of the Elders that Serves in our branch baptized her. She was able to watch the Sisters investigator be baptized first so she knew how. She got in the font and bent her knees when it was time but she didnt lean back and people started freaking out a little - one of the zone leaders said "Go for it Bro!" So he just put her in the water. It was so fast and didn't have to be done again. She was so so happy!

After, she was praying the the bathroom and thanking Heavenly Father that she could be baptized in His church. There were so many obstacles that came up, but we never let our faith stop. We kept doing everything that we possibly could, but there came a time where we couldn't do anymore and we just had to put our faith in Him. I am so grateful for His understanding and His perfect knowledge of us. The baptism was beautiful.

Transfers were yesterday and Sister Swainmaster and I are staying together. The AP´s called us and...our area and the Elders' area were switched because ours was too dangerous, so we have a new area and so do the Elders. We are a little nervous but excited. AND.... our awesome house is staying the same! :)
Love you all!
Sister Jarnagin

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