Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week #3 ! ! !

 Oh man! This week has been a busy one! The weeks are usually all pretty busy but this one was especially busy.

We taught our last couple lessons to our investigator, Anna. We are sad to see her go because we have grown really close. I always loved our lessons with her because we really opened up to each other and we always felt the spirit in our lessons. 

Sister Hillam and I were really struggling with our progress on the language this week and we asked Sister DeCampos how we could improve our language study. I love what she said to us. "Does the language really matter?" Of course we said YES! But she said no. She told us that even though we couldn't say a lot, we could teach a spiritual filled lesson on the few vocab we do have. She said it is not us speaking, but the spirit speaking through us. It really boosted our spirits. We will just keep studying and working to learn more every day so we can be the best instruments in God's hands. 
HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE MTC! We had a small new years celebration in our room at 10:30. We blew kazoo things that shoot out when you blow them, ate popcorn, and did the popper things that shoot out confetti. It was quite fun :) When we did the poppers they let some smoke off and we were so scared we were going to set the fire alarm off... but we didn't so it's okay.
We had our first TRC, which is where you teach a member in a living room setting with a camera for language practice. We taught two twenty min. lessons and they both went so good! We loved talking and visiting with the people and sharing a message with them. We also practiced our first street contacts. It was hard because we don't know a lot of words, but some how we are able to get our point across!
We have an Investigator, Devan, who we are teaching in English and I absolutely love her! She is one of the sweetest people I have met! We had a wonderful lesson and it's so easy to share with her. 

Sunday was our first fast Sunday at the MTC. Right before sacrament meeting started, Brother Adolphson asked to speak to me and sister Hillam. He asked us if we would be the new sister training leaders! Of course we said yes! We are excited about our new calling, especially because we just got a new district of 10 missionaries all going to Brazil, with 3 new sisters! They are so sweet and we already love them! The new zone leaders are Elder Masubalubelele and Elder Bullock. One of the pictures of us at the temple is with them.
We named all of the districts with Harry Potter house names. And of course we are Gryffindor. And of course we are the best at quidditch!
I hope you all are doing wonderful :)
 Sister Jarnagin

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