Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week # 2 is over... what?!

I AM A COMPLETE FAN GIRL!  I'll talk more about that later :)
Christmas happened in the MTC and it was absolutely wonderful! Anna committed to be baptized and we were freaking out! We were so excited for her! Our teacher talked to us about our lessons and he told us that we have really sucky Portuguese, but Anna can always feel the spirit when we teach. I know that Heavenly Father helps us out because we really can't speak Portuguese. We started teaching our new investigator Paulo (really our teacher). Our first lesson didn't go so well... but we didn't take in any notes on the lesson and we understood him and could brokenly explain things to him so overall it was actually okay.  Sister Decampos (Anna) is our new teacher. I really really love her because she brings the spirit so easily to our class.
It was Christmas eve and Christmas last week. My mom sent me a Christmas eve and Christmas day package so when we got home from our class we opened the Christmas eve package! Fuzzy socks, hot cocoa, marshmallows, chocolate covered pretzels, and a Christmas book to read- all for me and the roomies. And Christmas pjs for me!!! We all put the fuzzy socks on and slid down the hallways in them!  Talk about exciting :) We put up the Christmas lights I brought, put all the Christmas treats in the middle of the floor, plugged in the pine tree air freshener Sister Overson got, and read the Christmas book together. It was really amazing. Even though I was away from home, I still loved being with the other sisters and in the MTC for Christmas.  

On Christmas day, we got up and got all ready for our special Christmas devotional. We walked outside and it had snowed! Well... snow is an understatement. IT DUMPED. It was a Christmas miracle! We sang in the choir and got the privilege to sit on the front row which was amazing, because Elder Russel M. Nelson came and gave the devotional and we could see him so well! His devotional was amazing and we were all crying by the end of it. We got to call home for Christmas, so after our Christmas lunch I got to talk to my family! It was so good to hear their voices, and all the boys were so excited to tell me about their Christmas presents. We had a roomie Christmas morning too.  We got up and opened our Christmas packages by our little Christmas tree and it was just wonderful! We also got to watch a movie for our Christmas treat! We watched Ephriam's Rescue. The saints had so much faith to cross the plains and seas and leave everything behind. Even in their hardest trials they still kept faith in Christ. 

Sundays are the best at the MTC. I always feel the spirit so strongly on Sundays because of all the wonderful speakers and music and the spoken word. In relief society we always sing "As Sisters in Zion" but it's a different version. The version we sing is called "The Sisters in Zion" and all of the words are changed. My favorite line is, "we go forth enlisted with Helaman's Army in numbers much greater than ever before." I love being able to be right along side Helaman's Army sharing the gospel with others! 
Now for the fan girl moment. On Sundays we always get a special Sunday devotional, and at choir practice we heard who was coming to sing to us.  We decided to go sit in line an hour early and study so we could get good seats. It was me, sister Hillam, sister Overson, and sister Post. One of the guys in charge of the devotional asked us if we wanted to help and be ushers and get the good usher seats so of course we said YES!  We walked in and the program was... DAVID ARCHULETA and RICHARD ELLIOT!  Brother Archuleta said hello to us as we walked in. The whole devotional was centered on music and the spirit it brings.  Richard Elliot played some beautiful arrangements on the organ and David Archuleta sang. And of course one of the songs he sang was "Glorious" which he sings for Meet the Mormons. The devotional was so beautiful and the spirit filled the room. My favorite song he sang was "Come Come ye Saints". There is such power in music. It uplifts and testifies of Jesus Christ. After the devotional I got to shake his hand. It was a wonderful devotional, and he said that when he went on his mission and was having a rough time he would sing. 
We had the coolest experience in class yesterday. Irmao Crestanni wanted to do a group prayer/blessing with us. We went in a circle and said one thing we really needed. Whether that be patience, humility, or dedication. It could be anything. We all knelt down in a tight circle and Irmao Crestanni blessed us individually in the prayer for the things we had asked. I felt so at peace and calm and I really felt my Saviors love for me. The spirit filled the room and it was one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever had. We all got up from the prayer crying. I know that Heavenly Father loves us.  I know he answers our prayers and is aware of us. Prayer is such a great blessing. 
Until next week! Tchau!
Sister Jarnagin 

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