Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

First week!!!!!

I can't believe I really am a missionary! On the first day we got our companions, rooms, district, and most important name tag!! My companion is Sister Hillam from Idaho Falls! Imagine that :) We have 10 in our district and 5 companionships. Me, Sister Hillam, Sister Cahill, Sister Savage, Elder Platts, and Elder Darrington are all going to Portugal. Elder Wakeham and Elder Penner are going to Cape Verde. Elder Hunt and Elder Buhler are going to Brazil. We have become really close really fast which is fun.

First day
Sister Hillam and Me
 Every day we speak nothing but Portuguese. Our teacher is Irmao Crestanni and he only speaks Portuguese to us. It was rough the first couple days trying to understand him but now it's going ok :) We met our zone leaders and they are so nice and help us newbies do everything which is good because we are all so confused all the time!

We started teaching our fist investigator Anna in Portuguese. We teach all of our lessons in Portuguese and it was not so great the first 2 lessons but our 3rd lesson we could understand her and speak and she seemed so happy!

Sister Linda K. Burton came and spoke for relief society and she talked on the giver of all gifts, Christ. We all were bawling but they were good tears :) We decided to join the MTC choir and we are singing this beautiful song for the Christmas Devotional. "while shepherds lately knelt". We also listened to Elder Bednar's talk, Characters of Christ.  Look it up because it's very uplifting! I love the schedule here because there is enough time for everything! I also love that we pray before every single thing because, who wouldn't want Christ's help in their lives?

We have a lot of fun here! Elder Penner's parents sent him a foam Christmas tree and we had a tree decorating party and sang carols :). The other day the elders wanted the sisters to have and ice cream sandwich eating contest! So we all tried to eat an ice cream sandwich as fast as we could. All the elders were cheering us on ha ha but then they got into a little bit of trouble for organizing events and being to loud but it was still kind of fun :) Sister Cahill's parents sent her this package with this purple chapstick and we all put it on and did Miranda Sings impersonations ha ha it was great!

On Sunday we went on temple walk in the pouring rain, but it turned out to be really fun! The Provo temple is beautiful and the mountains were all snowy! Temple walks will be the only time we get to go to the temple because it will be closed until January 7 for cleaning so we are all bummed about that.

Merry Christmas Here from the MTC :)
I love you all! Tchau!
Love, Sister Jarnagin

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