Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week #5!

This week has been kind of slow and we didn't do much that was different.
There is this rule here at the MTC that we aren't allowed to shake hands because of the worry that we will spread the flu around, so we do this weird elbow bump thing instead. Two of the elders in our zone weren't feeling so well so they went to get it checked out and they got QUARANTINED! Ha ha that just means they had to stay in the little hospital thing for a couple days until they got better.
Sister Post and Sister Overson left this morning and yesterday morning. Sister Post had her visa to Brazil so we got up and took her to the travel office and to the shuttle yesterday morning. It was so sad to see our mama bear go! Sister Overson didn't get her visa to Brazil so she got re-assigned. The first re-assignment she got was to her home town in Arizona, and then I think they realized they had made a mistake because the next day she was re-re-assigned to Reno, Nevada. We took her this morning to the shuttles. It was so sad to see our friends leave but i know they are all going to do great! Our district is now the oldest district in the zone! We even get newbies tomorrow. 14 missionaries total with 8 elders and 6 sisters! We are so so excited!!!
We are still teaching Paulo and Samuel and enjoy the lessons with them! Irmao Staples suggested that the sisters might switch companionships for teaching so we can learn the different styles or studying and teaching we each have.
 We got the opportunity to host more new missionaries! We love hosting and seeing all the happy elders and sisters who are excited to serve the lord!
Last p-day we got to attend the temple again and it was so wonderful! The weather has been beautiful here and so so warm! It all makes us happy to get out of the classroom and just be outside! We can even study on the benches outside on our personal and companion study. We ate lunch at the temple and then attended the session afterward.
 On Friday we had TRC again but instead of someone coming in for us to teach, we Skyped with members speaking Portuguese. Sister Hillam and I Skyped with a lady in Rio, Brazil. OH MY WORD SHE TALKS SO FAST! It was definitely a change Skyping and listening to the difference of the language. We will get to do that 2 more times before we leave.
Yesterday we were in class studying and Elder Hunt had gotten a bottle of orange juice. Elder Wakeham gets up and takes the bottle of orange juice, puts it on the floor, holds up 2 fingers, whistles, and kicks the bottle of orange juice straight at the window! EXPLOSION! The orange juice seriously went everywhere in the classroom and everyone was just silent for a minute. Ha ha sometimes we wonder about our elders. That was the weirdest/ funniest thing that happened all week!

On a more spiritual note, on Sunday the new MTC presidency spoke at all of our meetings. And guess what!? They all speak Portuguese! One of the couples were even mission presidents in Portugal! We always get to watch a movie on Sunday night and we chose to go to Elder Bednar's talk, "Becoming a Missionary" that he gave at the MTC in 2011. Ahhhh it was just so so wonderful. One of the things he talked about was getting out of the way so the spirit can teach! A lot of times missionaries just talk, talk, talk and teach neither people nor lessons, but rather talk to themselves in front of people. I love how as missionaries we get to teach by the spirit and be instruments in the Lord's hands. At the end of the talk he said "YOU CAN DO THIS!" I really just needed to hear that. Sometimes it gets frustrating and discouraging trying to give lessons in Portuguese with very limited knowledge of the language, but if we trust in the lord we can do all things in his strength!

I love you all and I am grateful for all the letters I have received from you! Just 2 more weeks until we get to enter the field!
 -Sister Jarnagin

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