Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, February 29, 2016

Setubal - Week 2

This week we were able to get over to the area where our bishop lives. We are feeling like knocking doors there isn't going to give us the most fruits so we are making a different approach. We are going to do a little training for all the members that live in that area next Sunday. We have talked to 3 families that live there and they have all given us references for that area and we didn't even ask. They have a lot of desire to hasten the work where they live and we are really excited too  :) Because it takes about an hour to walk there and is a tougher area, it hasn't been really worked by missionarys in the past. We know that we probably will be just planting alot of seeds... but we are so excited :)
But we are having sucsess and feeling very grateful for our members and for this area. We have been finding more and more less active members every day and one came to church this Sunday as well as our investigators Carlos and Carla, which are a dad and daughter. Carla loved Young Womens :) The members just pulled her in and helped her feel welcome and invited her to Mutual.

This week I just have been so grateful for the spirit. I made a promise to the Lord and to myself at the beginning at this transfer to not miss any opportunities if I think I'm feeling the spirit or if it's just me. So with every little thing that I feel, I do it. Last night our plans fell through so we were talking to people in the street but there weren't very many. These 3 people walked by all at the same time and I had the impression to contact one of them... but he walked past and I stopped and said "Sister! We need to chase after that guy and talk to him". So we did and it turns out he was the Elders' investigator but they hadnt had a lot of time to talk to him with his schedule. We talked about the Book of Mormon and we could tell he felt the spirit. At the end of the contact we called the Elders on our phone and let him talk to them to set up an appointment. It was probably nothing... but it had great significance for us :) It was a sweet expereince :)
Life is good right now :)

I think that is all for this week :) Love you guys!
Love, Sister Jarnagin

-the crazy sisters we live with
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