Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, February 15, 2016

Amadora - Week 6

This week we had our divisions with the sister training leaders in Mem Martins. Other than the pouring rain they were really good and we learned a lot.

We have been trying to visit the less actives of our ward list because our Bishop wants to go through it and we found a less active, Joaquim, who has been less active for over 5 years. He came to church yesterday, and his friends from the Bishopric and other members were so excited to see him. They were all hugging him and he was so happy. Later after a dinner we had with a member, a member of the Bishopric was talking to us and he said that when Joaquim walked in he was so excited to see him because he and other members had been to visit him for along time trying to help him come back. He said we did a miracle, but the thing is that Joaquim was already to come back. He remembered the feelings he felt there and we were excited to see him too.

This week we were able to mark Jocilene for baptism for next Sunday and she was able to watch a baptism in church. She is loving church and loving having time with her long lost friend. But then this is where the sad part comes. We got a call that both sister and I are leaving and going to new areas :( and 2 new sisters are coming in. We are both sad to leave, but we know that the members and the next sisters will take care of Jocilene. I'm going to Setubal to finish the training of sister Olson.  I'll be living with 4 sisters again which will be fun. Now we are just using our p-day to clean our house and the area book to get everything ready for the new sisters. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day!

Com amor,
Sister Jarnagin
-Our Valentine Day Selfie
-Sister de Souza´s birthday. I made her a cake ;)
-Our chaple
-Some of the elders at a dinner we had at a members house
-us, Jocilene, and her long lost friend Kady

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