Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Miratejo - Week 4

Happy 4th of July America! I have tanto saudades for your mountains
and firework shows. We celebrated the 4th of July by wearing red, white, and blue... and then some people on the street were asking us for money because they think Americans have it... But HA! Missionarys are poor. "Here, take this Book of Mormon" :) Skillfully contacting.

I don´t feel like this week has been very different. I got my first portugues hair cut, and it actually isnt too terrible!

It looks like Otilinda wont be able to be baptized this Sunday, but we still have
alot of faith and are hoping for a miracle. Her house wont be finished in time for her to move out of her ex-boyfriends, but she keeps saying that she has faith!

Yesterday we had an appointment to pass by a less active members house, and we sat down to talk and she told us that she
hadnt been baptized... we were like "what?" But she said she wanted to
be baptized now and she wanted us to teach her the lessons again because it had been 2 years since she had heard them. She had been coming to church for 2 years and wasnt baptized. She seriously is a missionary´s dream. Plus her 2 year old son is the cutest :) But she
wanted to roll play so we would teach her like she didnt know anything about the gospel... so that was a little weird, but the spirit was still mesmo forte! We walked away feeling greatful and humble.

I am loving the mission!
Com amor, Sister Jarnagin

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