Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, April 6, 2015

Villa Real Week 3

First, To address the questions of my mom :)
Sister Cardoso is from Sintra which is close to Lisbon. She LOVES ice cream and the color Pink and especially Magnum Pink Icecream which we like to get often.  She says "Basicamente" a lot and we have a lot of fun together!

There are about 8 members in our branch. Vila Real is beautiful and there are cobblestones everywhere. There are cute shops and cafes and people sitting in the outside cafes. Almost everyone here is Catholic so there are many catholic sisters and Catholic churches around which have a beautiful old design. There are many cherry trees and olive trees and vineyards, especially on the country mountain sides where people have their vineyards and gardens.

This week was amazing!  We have 2 investigators, Helena and Jorge, who are married that want to get baptized so we are so excited! They are the friends of one of the couples in our branch and they come to church often with them but when we talked to them they said they weren´t ready to take the missionary discussions. But Irmão called us last week and he said that they wanted to be baptized! We are so excited!

This week we got to travel to Porto for our zone meeting. Porto is HUGE and it is so busy out! People everywhere! It kind of reminds me of what I picture New York to look like. We went inside the shopping mall while we were waiting for our bus and they have an "all american" store. Things that you can only buy in America. A big box of Reeses Puffs was 16 Euros which is very overpriced for a box of cereal in America. It was funny to see :) 

Easter and conference is probably the best combination in the world! All the speakers and topics were very specific and very to the point. I loved it! I loved how so many talks were focused on the atonement of our brother, Jesus Christ. I loved how Elder Holland talked about how the Savior still extends his unfailing help to us imperfect people with pierced hands and torn wrists. And I loved Elder Pearson´s talk about how "Giving in , giving up, and giving out are not options." Ans also how our daily discipleship will determine our eternal destiny." 
I know that we have just recieve revelation on what we can all do to be better disciples of Christ as his coming grows closer and closer.

For Easter we had the opportunity to have lunch with the branch president and his wife. They live in a very old beautiful house that looks like a castle. On Easter day here the catholic children went around with a cross, bell, and other symbols into the open gates and doors of houses. All day was filled with the ringing of bells. We stayed the night at President´s house because they live so far away and while we were sleeping, their cat peed on my companion and when we woke up.... haha it was smelly but funny!

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