Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, March 23, 2015

Vila Real - Week 1

Well... I MADE IT :)

Braving the international Madrid, Spain airport was quite a task by my self with 3 large suitcases, but I got it done. Upon arrival I was reunited with my amigos from the MTC. It was so good to see all of them! We had our interviews with president and then i met my companion, Sister Cordoso, who is a native to Portugal. She is awesome :)

We serve in Northern Portugal in a city called Vila Real. It is so beautiful and so so cold!

Our apartment is HUGE and we don´t have any dressers... that must be why my clothes are in an empty fridge haha but it´s all good. The water here isn´t good to drink and the water in our apartment is orange/ brown so of course we buy water. It is a 6 hour bus ride from Lisbon to Vila Real so halfway there the elders bought us all Pastel De Nata which is a pastry with cream custard in the middle. So so good! Sister Cordoso says there is a pastry shop on every corner and so far she is telling the truth.

The city here is beautiful. Beautiful buildings, cobblestones, and people. It honestly looks like it could be out of a movie! It is a very different climate from Arizona. Bone chilling cold and wind and rain. We wear our coats and gloves everywhere. I absolutely love it.

We visited our investigator, M..., who has 5 adorable children. They are so cute! She always feeds us soup she makes and says "Sisters! Eat more!" and then she gives us more soup. The Portuguese people always feed you so so much!  Good thing her house is an hour walk up a hill. We had a very good lesson with her and her family about keeping the commandments and it went well. They are very patient with my poor portuguese. They try to teach me so my Portuguese will get better but they say it is good for being here for 3 days.

I am kind of the assigned piano player for our small branch. That is the first thing I was asked when i got here if I could play the piano. I was also asked to bear my testimony in sacrement meeting. So I did in my very broken, very poor Portuguese. The members are sweet though and try to help.

We talk to everyone! We walk everywhere so we are constantly walking and talking. We are working towards membership so Portugal can finally have a temple. What a blessing it is to have a temple and a place to do our work and work for others.

I love you all!
-Sister Jarnagin

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