Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Barriero - Week 24 (and transfers)

Well it was my last week in Barreiro... My reign as queen came to an end. Our mission president actually changed our transfer day to Tuesday so I will be leaving tommorow for Amadora which is in Lisbon. I  will be finishing the training of a brazilian sister, Sister Sousa. I´m really excited!

I love love LOVE Barreiro and I know it will be hard to leave. We were at Conceição´s house yesterday and I told her and she got so sad. Some friends walked in to visit her and were almost bashing on the church and she snapped right back at them and told them how good the church is and they need to go to it! I was so proud. 92 and still has fire :)

I can´t remember what we did this week because I left my note at home, but we did have new years... and we celebrated by making guesses of what would happen on transfers. Our mission president gave us permission to stay up inside our house until midnight... but sadly I didnt make it. I turned over in bed to my companion yelling "Happy new year!" at midnight and that's the new years party we had :)

Sister Stegeman and I had this great idea for a new family home evening that we did on Friday. We set up the christmas tree my mom sent in the chapel with the lights on it and put yellow apples on it. Then we strung another string of lights from the tree to the door. We made a huge maze. We started in the scriptures reading about Lehi´s vision of the Tree of Life. We blind folded all of the members and likened our lights to the iron rod, and they had to go through the maze, find the rod, and then follow it to the tree to eat the fruit. They all loved it. Not to mention we threw a couple soccer balls at their legs to cause confusion. They still loved it :)

I had to say goodby to all the members yesterday and it was so sad. I have learned so much here. I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet so many new people and to share the gospel in different parts of Portugal. I think the biggest thing I have learned this transfer and here in Barreiro is to just completely trust in the Lord. I know that His plan is completely perfect. He does everything in his timing and we do absolutely everything we can and he will carry us and do the rest.

I hope all of you had a wonderful new year and you made goals for this new year. The adversary is working harder than ever. That means our goals have to be stronger than ever and we have to exercise our faith more than ever before! I love you all!
Com amor,
Sister Jarnagin
p.s. Sorry there are no pictures this week... the computor that im am using wont let me send them :(

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