Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Monday, January 11, 2016

Amadora - Week 1

Well it´s a lot different here from Barreiro, but I am already loving Amadora.

I´ll start with the details. Our area is made up of 3 areas:  Part of Amadora, Que Luz, and Monte Abraão which is literally a mountain haha. I have found I am not quite as in shape as I should be climbing all the big hills here. I am in a ward that is quite big of about 80-100 active members. We also have 2 sets of elders here so 6 of us all together in the ward.
This week it rained every day and didn't stop. It rains the most here I think.

Our apartment is small but super clean and doesn't have mold like Barreiro, and it also comes with a view of 10  fat cats that sit outside in the sun on the roof. We count them every day to see if there are more.

Sister de Souza is wonderful! She is a very powerful missionary for only being in her second transfer. She is from Uberlandia, Brazil and grew up in the church. She is also learning english and is very dedicated and so we have english practice sometimes in the street and I teach her hymns in english. She says a lot of words from Brazil, so sometimes I don't always understand haha but we are getting there.

Neither of us really know our area which is huge, so we have gotten lost quite a few times, said a prayer to help, and ended up finding new investigators. One was a Brazilian named Kika. She cut the elders' hair on p-day in Brazil and read the whole Book of Mormom just out of curiosity. We taught her and she is super cool. We have been having a lot of success just in our first week.

I am learning alot from Sister de Souza. She contacts people with vigor and they listen. We found a cool guy named Daniel who we taught, and he came to church and prayed about the Book of Mormon and accepted the invitation to be baptized. Also we marked a woman, Edna for Baptism for this Friday. She came to church yesterday too and loved it! It was interesting because when we did the baptismal invitation she said she had already been baptised, but understood clearly why she needed to be baptized again. When we teach by the spirit and focus on the people we are teaching, they truly are touched and understand.

Well I love you all! Until next week!
Sister Jarnagin

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