Portugal Lisbon Mission

Portugal Lisbon Mission

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vila Real - week 8

We have had a busy week!
It was mother´s day yesterday so we got to call home! Feelin a little trunky but who wouldn´t haha.

We have had some let downs this week, and some exciting moments! While walking to a couple appointments this week we stoped to talk to two women (different occasions) and they both had some family trials they were going through. We prayed with them and they both cried. We testified of eternal families and the blessing that families are. They felt the spirt while we prayed and both said how grateful and comforted they felt from the prayers. I know that prayer has the power to comfort and with sincere prayers comes sincere answers!

We had church and all the people that had said they would come didnt show up. We were so bummed! Sacrement meeting was testimony meeting and when we got up we saw 1 of our investigators! He was sitting at the very back and had snuck in while the meeting had already started. We were so happy! Even with just one of our investigators, we know that the Lord is guiding him!

Sometimes it is so easy to get discouraged on the mission. Even the little things can make a big impact in our day. But we have learned that as we consistently think about others by service and love and put our own feelings and desires away and desire just what the Savior wants, that we can be happy and work hard even with struggles.

Our investigator Cindy has been progressing so well! She speaks spanish and not too much Português, but she understands everything. We got her an espanol book of Mormon and we came back the next day and she had already read to 2 Nephi! She has so much faith!

This week Vila Real had a type of street fair, and we were walking past and one of our investigators was there singing so so loud with a huge bottle of beer. He was so so drunk and he ran over to us and started singing and then he got down on one knee like he was proposing to sister Jumua haha! It was interesting...

Well I don´t have much more to say, but I love you all!

Love, Sister Jarnagin

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